It's been a couple of sleepless and nerve-wracking weeks in the Kiën office until we finally launched our Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday the 18th of October.

After all the preparing, planning and producing it was out in the world and all we were left to do was: waiting, watching, hoping and keeping our fingers crossed.

The immediate support and the good feedback of our backers right from minute one was mind-blowing .

Within 24 hours

we reached our funding goal of 50K. With having reached this first milestone, we can assure that all the pledges and pre ordered lamps will be produced and shipped. It's a very good feeling to be keeping a promise.

Within 48 hours

we reached 120K, which is also great news. We have so many ideas and plans to enhance Licht 1 even more. The bigger the fund, the bigger the potential of doing so.
Even the Kickstarter team expressed love for our project, rewarding us with their "staff pick" badge.

Thank you

to everyone who has supported us so far.
Please keep on sharing our vision with everyone you know.

We can't wait to see where this journey will take us. All we know is that we're ready for the ride.