"Objects and their manufacture are inseparable, you understand a product if you understand how it's made."

-Jonathan Ive

Kiën is available in powder-coated aluminum (white, black, blue, red), wood (oak, walnut) and concrete.

Concrete was by far the hardest to make. We initially started with a wall thickness which was too thin - the finished tubes kept on breaking after we removed them from the moulds. The mixture of stone and water is also quite hard to get right: too thin, and the object is too brittle. Too thick, and the mixture won't run smoothly down the mould. After 6 months and 100 broken lamps we finally got it right. Now we're able to achieve a super thin diameter of concrete lamps, while ensuring maximum durability.

Wood too operates at the borders of technical limitations. We partnered with a spin-off from Technical University of Dresden to create additively-manufactured wooden tubes. We're not removing material out of a batch of wood, but roll thin slices of veneer over a metal core, especially created by us for Licht 1. Each lamp has a slight 20° spin and is super lightweight.

Aluminum is powder-coated with a specially sourced fine matt structure. The texture is incredibly bright, homogenous and resistant against scratches. Each colour is especially mixed for us in a laboratory in Mexico. Every aluminum tube is cut with a high technology laser, and polished for 30mins by hand - to ensure that the coating has a clean basis. Super laborious process.