We all know the feeling of happiness, when we realize after a long dark winter that the days are starting to be longer again. It feels like an achievement to have overcome the dark days and the constant fatigue and weariness. You start to notice the bounce in people’s steps and the look their faces when the sun finally peeks out after a longsome absence. It is proven in many ways that daylight has a huge influence on our emotional and physical well-being and our productivity. The sun is our energy source and we need it to function optimally.

Light is a constant companion throughout our daily routines. In the beginning of mankind, sun helped us to orient ourselves and establish a natural biorhythm. What is commonly referred to as our internal body clock is also known as the circadian rhythm and has been attuned with the natural cycle of daylight for centuries.

Nowadays passively determined appointments like work hours, classes, social dates or holidays, schedule our daily rhythm. Everybody has individual routine and different habits but we all have the same basic needs.
Our approach was to unite natural needs and technology.

In the blue light of the morning our body is naturally producing a hormone called “Cortisol” that makes us feel energetic and productive. In the red light of the evening, candlelight or campfire (we all know that) our body produces a hormone called “Melatonin” that makes us feel sleepy and relaxed.

Licht 1 is bringing the benefits of natural light to your home or your work. You have the rise and fall of your energy level under control and always create the perfect mood with your fingertips. We’re using market-leading LED lights with a CRI (Color-Rendering-Index) of 90+, means our lamp is able to emulate the whole spectrum of natural daylight (between 2700 to 5000 Kelvin).