is a modular light system that is able to emulate natural daylight and generate a healthy source of light. We think there are many great technical inventions in this world that help to improve our quality of life, but we found a minority of these things also beautiful.

While conceiving the idea for Licht 1, our lead designer Markus Mai aspired to create a beautiful as well as functional light system. The purist form of Licht 1 is reminiscent of a traditional fluorescent tube.

The idea was to create a lamp in a shape that is common to everyone and at the same time reinvent it including a huge range of modern technology. We made an old idea adaptive to contemporary needs.
You only need one central unit that is connected to your power supply to add as many lamps as you like with our plug-and-play solution.

Licht 1 is a conceptual modular light system that is adaptable as well as versatile and offers endless possibilities. It is available in three different high-quality materials and three different sizes.

You can choose between multilayered wood (oak and walnut), raw concrete and powder coated aluminum (black, white, red, blue).

Every piece is handcrafted in Germany.

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